Salt Smog

I came home from the desert this week. I spent twelve hours traveling from Phoenix to Montpelier and all I can really focus on is all the dirt. I spent my last day in Arizona hiking the White Tank Mountains and circling Papago park, and sure it was windy and dusty- but it was also … More Salt Smog


Tired of everything. Ready to dig my own grave Throw myself in after a few bad choices Some harsh words from negative people I still call my friends for whatever reason I can’t exactly fathom. They assume the worst of me instead of the best and that’s what motivates me to get out the shovel … More No


There is nothing in the darkness But smoke and shadows Flickering off the old rooftops of Eerie broken homes Shattered windows the broken teeth In wooden clapboard faces Rotting under the cruel hands Of rain and wind and snow and sun Bearing down like strong words Whispers in a crate Hidden in the attic Your … More Imposters

Cum Spui Tu Draga

The sunrise yawned across the horizon, great bloody red streaks mingling with the blue veins of night that stretched eagerly away from the light. I watched silently as your eyes fluttered, sitting in the cold front yard, winter just north of us, spreading his wings and flying in with his giant icy spear scratching at … More Cum Spui Tu Draga