Another Goodbye

  I seem to be saying goodbye to a whole lot of people recently. I hate that I have to say that, and that these goodbyes are not just “see you laters,” by true goodbyes. They are not knowing if there’s anything after but hoping like hell there is, because at least that means those … More Another Goodbye

An Epic Sunburn

I am so sunburned. So burned in fact that I feel both like I’m freezing and still burning all at the same time. I have not burned like this in years, but I also haven’t been outside like I was yesterday since Jeff and I first got together. I feel, finally, like I can go … More An Epic Sunburn

The Copper Flood

The river does not sleep tonight. It rolls against its banks, Anxious and eager to eat up the roads And the bridges, To bring chaos and destruction In the wake of the blood moon. The river whispers copper words Under a black sky, Desolate and starless, Cloud cover so thick even the moon Cannot see … More The Copper Flood

Route 25

Drove out east of nowhere. It’s rainy today, and the fog is lifting off the river like it’s hoping for sun, the air just warm enough to give it life. Coffee, coffee, keeping me awake under dreary skies. The rain slashes north with the wind, across the western veering trail of Vermont route 25. The … More Route 25

Salt Smog

I came home from the desert this week. I spent twelve hours traveling from Phoenix to Montpelier and all I can really focus on is all the dirt. I spent my last day in Arizona hiking the White Tank Mountains and circling Papago park, and sure it was windy and dusty- but it was also … More Salt Smog

Quick update

There may be a few of you who follow me here who are familiar with my other blog,, which I started a couple of years ago and use as a “free write” forum.  I’ve been transferring over some of my more recent poetry from that page today because I like how it came out, … More Quick update