Dreaming Reality

It was the middle of the night when you called me, your voice whispering into the darkness around me from the bright white light of my phone. I didn’t understand why you were whispering, because I live alone, and the phone wasn’t on speaker, and even though it was the middle of the night you … More Dreaming Reality


To the beginning where gentle hands only speak a language we thought was dead, and hearts were pounding nearly out of our chests. Sweetwater words nearly out of our mouths when they’re swallowed up in a kiss, a Vermont accent that a teenager mistakes for a southern one; goofy smile, laughter for hours, words exchanged … More Tribute

Whiskey Stones

This time last year you were crying on my couch, wailing and keening for sympathy as you searched for some kind of emotional response.  I stood leaning against the window while you withered on and said nothing. I had no tears for you.  You expected me to respond to your emotional outburst, yet you had … More Whiskey Stones

The Greyhound

She sat at the bus stop, watching people huddled in their coats, their bare faces straining against the northern wind. The Greyhound bus to Quebec was late. She didn’t have his number to call him and tell him. She wondered if he would wait for her on the other side of the border. She pulled … More The Greyhound