The Reaper

I listen to your heartbeat in the hallways of the churches that we visited as children, before you ran away. I can hear it in the echoes of the choir as they sing their hallelujahs, conjuring and curling the memories of your smile into smoke from the snuffed candles on the pulpit. Your soul on … More The Reaper

Sway Instead

Who says love is only for the young? We should all try to be wild and passionate, live with the carefree hands of jaded youth, Mistakes like gold in the mouths of babes, Break the expectations of terrified parents; We don’t grow out of the ground like trees, But we might dance like them. And … More Sway Instead

Shadow Secrets

I have been in the heart of the Devil, The backbone of terrified women. I’ve suffered at the hands of sinners, Their eyes casting wide copper nets Of hate and lust. Our secrets sift to the top of our throats, Filtering out like smoky shadows from between our teeth. And this earth covers me with … More Shadow Secrets

Dream Proud

Our eyes alight across fields of grain In a dream of Sumer, long buried deep Under golden sand – the winds howl, Inanna on her mountain throwing them down, her wild war hands Strong from an eternity of throwing spears. I am the soil, dark and rich, Fertile as my name, proud as The mountains … More Dream Proud

The Copper Flood

The river does not sleep tonight. It rolls against its banks, Anxious and eager to eat up the roads And the bridges, To bring chaos and destruction In the wake of the blood moon. The river whispers copper words Under a black sky, Desolate and starless, Cloud cover so thick even the moon Cannot see … More The Copper Flood


Tired of everything. Ready to dig my own grave Throw myself in after a few bad choices Some harsh words from negative people I still call my friends for whatever reason I can’t exactly fathom. They assume the worst of me instead of the best and that’s what motivates me to get out the shovel … More No


I used to run to the sounds of popping trees, when rivers whispered underneath a layer of thick ice, when maple trees lay dormant in their groves, the taps and buckets the neighbor used on them still stacked in his shed. I used to say to my brother, “we need to find a way out,” … More Untitled


Humanity is a funny beast, rolling over the world like it owns it, as if anything owes us everything, our waves pernicious poisons, devouring everything we contact. We have become the monsters in the night we used to warn our children of, when myths were our bedtime stories, our user manuals, our operational instructions – … More Hubris