Western Shore

You crossed the river. It glowed in the moonlight, effervescent dark blue luminescence shining from the deep, swirling in pools and eddies and around the rocks at the edge.  I watched you cross. You simply waded into the cold water, the light twirling away from you and then drawing back in, sticking to your clothes. … More Western Shore

The Ugly Cry

I had a tough night last night, full of ugly crying and “friends” who, despite my requests for them to stop, kept mocking me. For the record, this was over how I pronounced “poutine” (in the correct French-Canadian accent), which is stupid. But it was only accentuated by everything else I’m going through, which they … More The Ugly Cry

Brain Dump

I haven’t written in a few days and I have things weighing on my mind but I’m not sure where to start, so I’ve been mulling them over. I can’t even think in chronological order anymore. Right now the divorce is going forward, but as we’ve been staying together it’s actually gotten less weird. Which … More Brain Dump