There was a vague twinge in the Universe that woke me from my dreams that night. A soft, wordless whisper that gently grazed my mind with fingers like spring petrichor, wisdom surging from strings of lavender and copper smoke, an electric static burst that exploded around me in the darkness. A message, transcribed in the … More Wake

The Reaper

I listen to your heartbeat in the hallways of the churches that we visited as children, before you ran away. I can hear it in the echoes of the choir as they sing their hallelujahs, conjuring and curling the memories of your smile into smoke from the snuffed candles on the pulpit. Your soul on … More The Reaper

Dream Proud

Our eyes alight across fields of grain In a dream of Sumer, long buried deep Under golden sand – the winds howl, Inanna on her mountain throwing them down, her wild war hands Strong from an eternity of throwing spears. I am the soil, dark and rich, Fertile as my name, proud as The mountains … More Dream Proud

Oh God

Oh god. This is torture. This is torture feeling two totally conflicting emotions. Loss and gain. What sights might I see! Ask me for a drink? Or coffee? I can’t decide what I’m doing. Oh god. Wander around the town I grew up in Late nights on dark streets Whispers and my head hangs low … More Oh God


I am a Vermonter, and up here we don’t have poisonous snakes – mostly, anyway- but my mom used to mow them over when she saw them. She claimed she didn’t want them to get into the woodpile or the basement. I’m sure somewhere in her past she has a story of being assaulted by … More Snakes!

Route 25

Drove out east of nowhere. It’s rainy today, and the fog is lifting off the river like it’s hoping for sun, the air just warm enough to give it life. Coffee, coffee, keeping me awake under dreary skies. The rain slashes north with the wind, across the western veering trail of Vermont route 25. The … More Route 25


“Do you ever feel like we just… Are? Like we’re not married but we’re just roommates?” Silence hangs between us, loud, static. His eyes on his hands and then at me but he refuses to speak, like he often does. But I’m so tired I can’t even be frustrated, so I just stare back at … More Hurt

Salt Smog

I came home from the desert this week. I spent twelve hours traveling from Phoenix to Montpelier and all I can really focus on is all the dirt. I spent my last day in Arizona hiking the White Tank Mountains and circling Papago park, and sure it was windy and dusty- but it was also … More Salt Smog