There was a vague twinge in the Universe that woke me from my dreams that night. A soft, wordless whisper that gently grazed my mind with fingers like spring petrichor, wisdom surging from strings of lavender and copper smoke, an electric static burst that exploded around me in the darkness. A message, transcribed in the … More Wake


I am a Vermonter, and up here we don’t have poisonous snakes – mostly, anyway- but my mom used to mow them over when she saw them. She claimed she didn’t want them to get into the woodpile or the basement. I’m sure somewhere in her past she has a story of being assaulted by … More Snakes!

I’ve had a horrible headcold for the past couple of days. Last night I was coughing and choking on my own phlegm when I started crying. I realized I don’t have anyone to cuddle up with me when I’m sick anymore. And that sucks a lot.