To the beginning where gentle hands only speak a language we thought was dead, and hearts were pounding nearly out of our chests. Sweetwater words nearly out of our mouths when they’re swallowed up in a kiss, a Vermont accent that a teenager mistakes for a southern one; goofy smile, laughter for hours, words exchanged … More Tribute

An Epic Sunburn

I am so sunburned. So burned in fact that I feel both like I’m freezing and still burning all at the same time. I have not burned like this in years, but I also haven’t been outside like I was yesterday since Jeff and I first got together. I feel, finally, like I can go … More An Epic Sunburn

Brain Dump

I haven’t written in a few days and I have things weighing on my mind but I’m not sure where to start, so I’ve been mulling them over. I can’t even think in chronological order anymore. Right now the divorce is going forward, but as we’ve been staying together it’s actually gotten less weird. Which … More Brain Dump

Cast off Jars

Our lives wrapped up around rivers, trees, a wedding dress and rings, dried wheat in glass mason jars, laughter here and there. done. those mason jars shattered, moments dissipated like fog in the sun. our moments lost, now frail and fragile and stretched thin across the couch we’ve shared for years, across the living room … More Cast off Jars


“This is really happening. We are here.” – Dark Eden, by Chris Beckett. I finished reading this book last night (a beautifully written coming-of-age sci-fi novel which takes place on a primitive distant planet) and this is the phrase that keeps sticking with me. It is one which a supporting character, Jeff Redlantern, keeps repeating … More Untitled

Atlas Body

Today the earth shattered. Mine did, at least. I watched my husband leave me and the kids without even a second glance back. I write this without any added dramatic flair. He told us he was leaving. Midas asked if we had done something wrong. My husband had glared at me, his mouth turning down … More Atlas Body