There was a vague twinge in the Universe that woke me from my dreams that night. A soft, wordless whisper that gently grazed my mind with fingers like spring petrichor, wisdom surging from strings of lavender and copper smoke, an electric static burst that exploded around me in the darkness. A message, transcribed in the … More Wake

Dreaming Reality

It was the middle of the night when you called me, your voice whispering into the darkness around me from the bright white light of my phone. I didn’t understand why you were whispering, because I live alone, and the phone wasn’t on speaker, and even though it was the middle of the night you … More Dreaming Reality

Six word stories

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of story, Imgur had a great post here that you can check out. Below are some of my own. Many thanks to Rose Craig, my beautiful, wild gypsy friend for urging me to participate with her. Neither mine nor her six word stories appear in the Imgur content above, … More Six word stories

Oh God

Oh god. This is torture. This is torture feeling two totally conflicting emotions. Loss and gain. What sights might I see! Ask me for a drink? Or coffee? I can’t decide what I’m doing. Oh god. Wander around the town I grew up in Late nights on dark streets Whispers and my head hangs low … More Oh God

Route 25

Drove out east of nowhere. It’s rainy today, and the fog is lifting off the river like it’s hoping for sun, the air just warm enough to give it life. Coffee, coffee, keeping me awake under dreary skies. The rain slashes north with the wind, across the western veering trail of Vermont route 25. The … More Route 25