My heart went bump today When you said “I was in an accident” Black hail pummelled my eyes Rage at the other driver Paralyzing my hands Smoke crept out of my lungs As I poured down on the screams I wanted to push out into open air As I drove towards you My knuckles white … More Mantra

my hands are cold you said i laid there looking at the ceiling, focusing on my breathing. i feel dead. the weight of emerald sighs, cast out from my throat like last goodbyes, I swear i’m wearing white but you all look so good in black.

Grief and Memory

I am sitting in my hotel room in Virginia, while my dad, my aunt and my uncle detail through all of the stuff that has come up after the death of their parents. In a tiny little assisted living apartment (which consists of a living room, bathroom, fridge and sink and a tiny bedroom), it … More Grief and Memory

A Last Goodbye

Today is a sad day. I’m trying to write this with grief and a whisper of whiskey on my breath. It’s never easy to say a final goodbye. I was waiting to write out a departure letter to one, and now I am writing out a departure letter to two, instead. This morning my grandmother … More A Last Goodbye


Wrap this fog around our faces, Knuckles bloody, Teeth cutting into their fragile flesh. Good god how I wish I could taste The simple freedom Of life without this acidic taste in My mouth And i suppose I could if I could walk away but there’s some frail part of me Screaming No wait. Wait … More Turmoil

Faith and Jealousy

What is the opposite of jealousy? Some may say openness. Others may assert kindness. I think that the opposite of jealousy is faith. Not religious faith, but faith in a person. Faith in their ability and willingness to act appropriately and charitably in a difficult or inappropriate situation. I’m not saying there aren’t instances where … More Faith and Jealousy