There was a vague twinge in the Universe that woke me from my dreams that night. A soft, wordless whisper that gently grazed my mind with fingers like spring petrichor, wisdom surging from strings of lavender and copper smoke, an electric static burst that exploded around me in the darkness. A message, transcribed in the … More Wake

An Epic Sunburn

I am so sunburned. So burned in fact that I feel both like I’m freezing and still burning all at the same time. I have not burned like this in years, but I also haven’t been outside like I was yesterday since Jeff and I first got together. I feel, finally, like I can go … More An Epic Sunburn

Dream Proud

Our eyes alight across fields of grain In a dream of Sumer, long buried deep Under golden sand – the winds howl, Inanna on her mountain throwing them down, her wild war hands Strong from an eternity of throwing spears. I am the soil, dark and rich, Fertile as my name, proud as The mountains … More Dream Proud

Random Thought

I am sitting in my car on my lunch break. I look up out of the front windshield and there is a single, lone, dead leaf flying at me. Straight at me. As I watch, it descends, and lands right next to my car. It’s still there. Is it a sign, or just a freaky … More Random Thought

Six word stories

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of story, Imgur had a great post here that you can check out. Below are some of my own. Many thanks to Rose Craig, my beautiful, wild gypsy friend for urging me to participate with her. Neither mine nor her six word stories appear in the Imgur content above, … More Six word stories