Fair Findings in Faith

Here to my hand come the words of faith, a light so little spoken of in past months. There are silent moments in the dark of night when faith finds itself shaken, and yet there it finds the rock of foundation laid deep in a man who walks towards discovery of himself, in a woman he loves. In her he sees her faith in him, a love that holds nothing more than the binding words of honesty and loyalty. In her he knows he cannot buy her love, but only prove himself worthy of it with his actions. In her he finds fatherhood in a child not his own, but who he treats as such.

She sees in him the man he can be, but does not push him to anything he does not choose. She speaks words quietly in the privacy of their small home, urging him to make choices that push him towards the life he wants and not away from it. He returns the favor in kind when she finds herself absent joy in the face of the frustration and stresses of life, urging her to find her faith in joy and happiness of their humble lives joined together by a fair chance found only in the recesses of a darkness that clouded her. He pulled her out but claimed she saved him; each day they look at each other with faith greater than the last. In honesty and loyalty they find faith, reminded life is full of moments to sustain, greater than the moments that would seem to arise to drag them down.

In each day, he sacrifices his time to provide life for the woman he loves and the child that isn’t his but who he loves as his own, and in the quiet moments when he has reminded her to find her joy, she sees her faith and thanks him for choosing the man she knows he can be, and for resisting the urge to return to the man he was; she thanks him for his sacrifices, for his love, for his faith in her. And in turn, he thanks her for saving him, without ever realizing in turn that he saved her, and he chose to save himself. She had no doing in the grace he found, only that in urging him to choose a path towards his best self, he found his self worth. And in that lies the love of two who find faith in each other, and comfort in life that once gave them pain.

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