If anything would ever make me religious, it would be having a child.

Except instead of God, I worship my daughter. I worship the love I feel for her, the absolute joy I am overwhelmed with every time I look at her, every time I hold her, every time I hear her. I have never been so in love that I cry just thinking about how in love I am. Yet, here I am.

And her birth has only brought me more and more love. I love my husband a thousand times more looking at this child we created, and watching him love her as much as I do just fills my heart. I fall in love with him more every time I see him hold her, soothe her, kiss her. I have forgiven every little touch and go we’ve had, every argument we’ve spiraled into – even the things that merited an apology, that I had trouble forgiving – everything is gone. 

If there is a higher power, it’s been manifested for me in my child. She is 4 days old and has already made me into a better person, and will continue making me better.

Welcome to the world, Cora Mae. Your mama and your daddy love you more than our hearts can even handle, and we will love you the same until the day we die. You will always be perfect to us.


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