Wrap this fog around our faces,
Knuckles bloody,
Teeth cutting into their fragile flesh.

Good god how I wish I could taste
The simple freedom
Of life without this acidic taste in
My mouth

And i suppose I could if I could walk away but there’s some frail part of me
No wait.

Wait for what? Wait for never?
Wait for this bullshit to stop?
Wait for that bitch to go away?

I can’t keep waiting while you
Keep pulling this bullshit in.

Like you have a line cast for it,
Baited, waiting.

And I am just here in the dark by myself
Restless and awake
Too consumed by stress from this
Weight that isn’t even mine
To let my mind go to sleep

Just spinning into oblivion
Pain radiating from everyone around you
And now I’m sucked in too, before
I realized,
Asleep and now awake to the reality
Of this grievous situation.

Oh insomnia keeping me awake
To keep me alert
And yet all day I will be dying to sleep
But you just want more and more and more

And I have nothing left to give.

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