Faith and Jealousy


What is the opposite of jealousy? Some may say openness. Others may assert kindness. I think that the opposite of jealousy is faith. Not religious faith, but faith in a person. Faith in their ability and willingness to act appropriately and charitably in a difficult or inappropriate situation.

I’m not saying there aren’t instances where we feel jealousy – certainly it can sneak up on us without warning. The key is to not let it take over. The key is to remind yourself of the faith you have in the person who is, actively or inadvertently participating in the actions which are causing jealousy. When I find myself in that position I first remind myself that I overanalyze. I then remind myself why I have faith in that person. If there’s another outside party involved in the actions that are making me jealous, I don’t feel like it’s fair to place the blame solely on them. Human beings interact in any number of ways, and no one can predict how a simple conversation may appear to someone else.

Regardless, that underlying reminder is always “faith.” I have faith in that person for a reason – I love that person for a reason. I trust them for a reason. Jealousy is a byproduct of trust broken in the past – underlying reminders in the memories of a broken heart that rear up and bear their ugly heads on a situation which is removed from that past. I don’t have a reason to persist in projecting those feelings on a situation which does not warrant it.

I just remind myself that my faith in someone is stronger than than the jealousy I might feel because of past betrayals. Life is too short.

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