Sway Instead

Who says love is only for the young?
We should all try to be wild and passionate, live with the carefree hands of jaded youth,
Mistakes like gold in the mouths of babes,
Break the expectations of terrified parents;
We don’t grow out of the ground like trees,
But we might dance like them.
And we can certainly break like them,
If we don’t bend with the storms that pass through us.
Turquoise winds that make us into
Obsidian statues,
And the smell of lilacs in our hands,
Coloring our fingers lavender,
Out of the skies where we are made whole,
Our hearts fill with silver lore
And silver tongues leave sweet memories in our ears.

I am afraid,
But the change that this storm brings me
Fades into the glory of a new life.

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