An Epic Sunburn

I am so sunburned. So burned in fact that I feel both like I’m freezing and still burning all at the same time. I have not burned like this in years, but I also haven’t been outside like I was yesterday since Jeff and I first got together. I feel, finally, like I can go out and do the things I used to before we ever met. Kayaking, hiking, whatever. And yesterday I spent the entire day on the sunny waters of Woodbury lake with my friend Justin, floating around and racing and drinking cider straight from the bottle in the kayak. We passed crystallized ginger and wasabi peas back and forth between boats when we tethered together here and there.

It was an awesome day, and although I wish I had thought to actually put on some sunscreen, I don’t regret being stubborn enough not to. Although I’m confined to my basement room at my dad’s for at least the day (it’s so painful I don’t want to move) the extreme sunburn I got yesterday reminded me that life is way too short to live for other people, and being with someone who shares none of the same interests as you, especially when it involves being outside, is far too exhausting and depressing to keep going on with. It’s nice that I have friends who will head out on a whim with me to spend an entire day on a lake, although I would have been more than happy to go out by myself. Either way, I had a wonderful day. And kayaking with Justin was nice. It was a chill day on the lake with some pizza and a beer afterwards.

If nothing else, this sunburn is reminding me that life is worth living, and some pain as a byproduct only serves as a reminder to keep pushing on. Life is too short.

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