Transitioning to a Minimalist Lifestyle

I am sitting in the parking lot of a consignment store waiting for them to go through my old things and hoping that I at least get some cash for this stuff. Six contractor trash bags full of stuff; more stuff than I decided to keep. This is a big indicator to me that there’s probably a lot more I can get rid of, too. One step at a time, I suppose.

I say “old” things, but truthfully a lot of this stuff has almost never been worn, another big indicator of my consumer mentality, one which I’m trying to diminish. Why spend money on things? What’s the point? If they don’t get used, there’s no point in having them. And honestly, I’m beyond the point where keeping up with trends is important. I’m admitting to myself that I wear the same six or seven outfits day in and day out, sometimes switching things out here and there for something different. It’s useless to have this much stuff. Quite frankly, the less I have to move the next time around, the better.

I am, in the biggest most honest way possible, a jeans a t-shirt girl. And while I can only go for that look on Fridays at work, even my work clothes carry that look- navy blue or black slacks, simple shirts, basic sweaters, and comfy shoes. I don’t need all this stuff. I don’t need to spend money on more stuff.

It is incredibly freeing to let all of this shit go.

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