Things That Make Me Happy

Early morning hikes in the woods
Laughter (any kind)
Someone smiling at me
Drinking beer by a river on a sunny day
Driving around alone
The burning of wanderlust
Hiking to the middle of a forest in the dead of winter (the silence elates me)
Maple sugaring
Cats that snuggle
Having a beer with friends in a bar on a Friday night – not to get drunk, but to have one or two and talk loudly and then wander around town whispering as the clock stretches past midnight.
Purple sunrises through the silhouette of tall, skinny trees.
Dancing. Wild dancing in old styles.
Dancing to folk music.
Open mics.
Summer nights, stretched out in a field.
Summer nights by a fire.
Swimming (this is my favorite).
Winter nights in front of a wood stove.
Drinking maple sap.
Cold drinking water.
Mount Elmore.
The view from Mount Mansfield.
The feel of weightlessness when sprinting.
The feel of invincibility when sprinting through overgrown forests.
My nieces and nephews.
Their laughter.
The comfort in that nook between a neck and a shoulder.
The taste and feel and immersion of warm summer rain.
Jumping from trestles.
Sore running legs.
Sore feet from walking forever.
Quiet nights.
Clear nights, when the stars are so sharpened against their infinitively black sky that they seem to rush towards you.
Full moons.

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