Quick update

There may be a few of you who follow me here who are familiar with my other blog, amandapaulgerforan.wordpress.com, which I started a couple of years ago and use as a “free write” forum.  I’ve been transferring over some of my more recent poetry from that page today because I like how it came out, and although this blog is supposed to be exclusively for short stories, I figured that any of my edited writing could live here.

Off topic – you may notice that I pair each piece that I post here with a photo credited to Mandible|Photography.  That is my freelance photography business and incidentally I started an Indiegogo campaign yesterday to raise some money for new equipment.  Because the question was raised yesterday, and before anyone finds themselves raising their eyebrows – although technically my business is “for-profit,” I don’t make a profit.  I’m not about to try and gain non-profit status because I hope to one day make a profit, but currently I am not making any money. Or I am making negative money and pulling out of pocket from the money I make at my “regular” day job. 

I know I only have a few awesome followers on here, but if you think you might like to donate, it would be really appreciated.

The campaign can be found at this link. If you want to read a bit more about the campaign for the purposes of transparency (like the things I’m planning on investing in and why I need them) you can find that on my photography website at this link. 

Thanks for reading, and happy writing.




Amanda Paulger-Foran

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