©Mandible|Photography 2013
©Mandible|Photography 2013

I will try to avoid making this redundant, as pertinent information is already in my “About” section, found here.  I created this blog as a means to post my short stories.  If you follow my other blog already, you will notice a similar but slightly different title to it.  You may also begin to see refined, edited copies of the free-written stories that appear on my other blog.  If you have not already visited that blog, you can find it here.  That blog serves as a means and motivation for me to write every day – a way for me to avoid making excuses.  I have it set up on the app on my phone, and given the sheer amount of notes I’ve taken on my phone, it serves its purpose.  I’ve always had a reason to write.  You won’t see a post on that blog for every day – many are saved as drafts.  Sometimes I only find a few minutes to write but I do it regardless.  I do it because one of my favorite professors from my undergraduate career (along with numerous others) told me once that if I love doing it, I need to just do it.  So I’m just doing it.

I’ve also begun this blog as I prepare to submit creative materials to the MFA writing programs I’m applying to.  I welcome feedback, negative and positive and constructive and destructive – however you feel like laying it out for me.   I probably won’t be thrilled with negative and destructive feedback, but all writers face letdowns.  I figure destructive and negative feedback now will only help me get used to the rejection letters I’ve already begun to collect, and will likely continue to collect until the day I day.  I just hope there will be a few letters of acceptance in there.

I have published a few small pieces in the past year, including some journalistic articles for  Don’t be fooled – it doesn’t pay well.  Some don’t pay at all. I’m not crying over it.  I’m lucky enough to have a great job where I can write and do get paid for it – a job where my passion is not only fostered but encouraged.  In November, I’m attending my first copywriting seminar.  Sure, it’s not glamorous, but it’s interesting.  Again, to avoid redundancy, you can find my professional writing portfolio on my “About” page.  You’ll also find links to my professional photography website.  I am going to try and implement my passion for photography with my love for writing, so likely you will see photos from my website attached to short stories that you see on here.

I’m not a glamorous person.  I just love to write and photograph.  I hope you will enjoy what I post and I look forward to your feedback.


Amanda Paulger-Foran

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