The Reaper

I listen to your heartbeat in the hallways of the churches that we visited as children, before you ran away. I can hear it in the echoes of the choir as they sing their hallelujahs, conjuring and curling the memories of your smile into smoke from the snuffed candles on the pulpit. Your soul on … More The Reaper

I’m sitting here trying to find a way to write about the severe anxiety and depression that have been riding my back since my separation in October. The overwhelming factors that cause me to break down in tears almost every night, sitting in my bed and praying for some magical answer I don’t have and … More

Western Shore

You crossed the river. It glowed in the moonlight, effervescent dark blue luminescence shining from the deep, swirling in pools and eddies and around the rocks at the edge.  I watched you cross. You simply waded into the cold water, the light twirling away from you and then drawing back in, sticking to your clothes. … More Western Shore


There is a train trestle my mother used to tell me stories about, stretching the deep gorge of the Dog River. I visited it as a teenager. Winter was just beginning to appear, her fingernails gently running across my cheeks. I went back, today. The trestle still stands, sturdy and open to the wide space … More Contemplate

In Blood

Silence. The dark air twists around my arms, the stars whispering above me “be still, be still.”  I stop moving but these veins run through me like electric wires, vibrating. Somewhere in my DNA that mountain witch’s memories are ascending, and the magic she held in her blood is percolating into my nerves. The forest … More In Blood

Dear Daughter

I am a daughter of queens and warriors, but not the kind you think of in stories. I’m the daughter of loud mouth bitches and opinionated women, the kind of women that demand you listen and make you uncomfortable with their truths. The kind of people who farm one day and carry a sword the … More Dear Daughter

There was a tiny flickering light on the screen, It was the beginning of your heart, pushing the beginning of blood through the beginning of your existence. Then there you were, head and arms and legs, and you swam around in me while the doctor checked you for genetic abnormalities. You were fine. Then you … More

Another Goodbye

  I seem to be saying goodbye to a whole lot of people recently. I hate that I have to say that, and that these goodbyes are not just “see you laters,” by true goodbyes. They are not knowing if there’s anything after but hoping like hell there is, because at least that means those … More Another Goodbye